About Us

From the creators of the original pet fountain, Aqua Fountains provide your pets with fresh, filtered water in an economical system. Both the Aqua Cube® and Aqua Falls® continuously circulate the water through a charcoal filter before returning water to the bowl via a patented waterfall. The free-falling stream better aerates the water, keeping it much fresher than a standard water bowl.

Our team is dedicated to the development of health-related products for the convenience of pet owners and the well-being of their pets. The original pet fountain was developed by a practicing veterinarian for her own cats. They would seek out running water in the form of a dripping faucet. Cats prefer running water, a wild instinct not lost in domestication. Some cats are so particular about their water source that they will become dehydrated, leading to health conditions such as Feline Urinary Syndrome or even kidney failure. Proper hydration is critical to good pet health, just like in humans.

Meet the Parents

Our parent company, Radio Systems® Corporation, owns many of the most recognizable pet brands in the world. This includes PetSafe®, Invisible Fence® Brand, SportDOG® Brand (the leader in training equipment for sporting dogs), Premier® Pet Products, Drinkwell® Pet Fountains, and Innotek® training products. You'll also find the pet-loving hearts at Radio Systems and its brands giving back to the community by sponsoring dog parks, rescue missions, adoption facilities, and dozens of other philanthropic ventures.